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Safety Pharmacology

We Offer a Suite of Specialized in vivo Safety Pharmacology Models


Cardiovascular Safety

    • Cardiovascular Telemetry Platform – Continuous measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, respiration, temperature & activity in conscious, unrestrained animals for up to 6 months. Blood, urine, fecal and tissue sampling available.
    • Infusion Pharmacology Platform – Continuous infusion of test compound and simultaneous blood pressure & heart rate analysis for up to 14 days. Clinical observations, blood, urine, fecal and tissue sampling
    • Cardiac, Lipid and Metabolic Biomarkers – Markers of tissue and biochemical damage (e.g. CK, CRP, chol, trigs, glucose, HbA1c, etc.)
    • Echocardiography – Left Ventricular Function & Dimensions
    • Left Ventricular Function – +/-dP/dt, Tau, LVEDP and LVESP


Renal Safety

    • Renal Function – Creatinine Clearance, GFR, proteinuria and electrolytes
    • Kidney HistologyGlomerulosclerosis, tubular damage, fibrosis, etc.
    • Renal Biomarker Panel – Analysis of FDA/EMA approved urinary biomarkers that are predictive of drug-induced renal toxicity and translatable to human nephrotoxicity


General Safety and Toxicology

    • Chronic Infusion Studies – Continuous infusion of test agent for up to 14 days. Clinical observations, blood, urine, fecal and tissue sampling
    • Hematology – 23-parameter complete blood count plus 5-point WBC differential analysis on blood samples from in-life studies
    • Clinical Chemistry – 180 analytes available including markers of liver, kidney, cardiac, pancreas and bone damage; as well as lipids, metabolic and inflammation
    • Histopathology – Standard or tailored to your target tissue of interest


Gastrointestinal Safety and Function

    • Intestinal Motility – Charcoal meal test
    • Intestinal Secretion – Closed and Open loop models of fluid and electrolyte secretion as well as compound absorption


Microscopy & Histology

    • We offer a wide range of microscopy and histology services to enable detailed quantitative organ/tissue analysis and morphometry
    • Fixation and processing of samples into paraffin, OCT and plastic
    • Sectioning and staining of tissue blocks for LM histology and EM ultrastructure
    • Range of quantitative microscopy techniques including; Epi-fluorescence, Laser scanning & capture, Electron microscopy