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Specialty PK/ADME and Biomarkers

We Offer Standard and Sophisticated PK/ADME Services Customized to Meet your Project Needs


Pharmacokinetic and ADME Studies

    • Standard PK
    • 1st Pass Metabolism
    • Enterohepatic Re-circulation
    • Biliary/Renal/Fecal Clearance

Cassette dosing and analysis is available and economical!

Routes of Dosing

    • Oral, Intravenous (bolus and continuous), Intraperitoneal, Subcutaneous, Intramuscular, Mini-osmotic pump

Sample Collection

    • Simultaneous blood, bile, urine and fecal sampling in conscious, unrestrained rats
    • Repeated, small volume blood sampling and fluid replenishment using the Automated Blood Sampler allows for reduction in animal use and minimizes test compound quantity requirement


    • Rat and Mouse