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With years of experience in drug discovery and development, we offer comprehensive in vivo pharmacology services including study design and execution, data generation, analysis and interpretation, and technical report generation. We conduct studies to establish proof of concept, define exposure/response relationships and charaterize safety using validated rodent models of pharmacology and disease. We can fully customize and develop new methods and research models to fulfill unique project needs. We are committed to providing quality and timely results and building productive relationships with our clients.

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Disease Pharmacology

Discovery Pharmacology

Cardiovascular, Renal, Hepatic, Metabolic and Inflammatory Diseases
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   Safety Pharmacology

Blood Pressure, Heart Function, ECG, Renal Safety and Chronic Infusion
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Specialty Pharmacokinetics


1st Pass, Enterohepatic, Bile/Urine Excretion, Biomarkers
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